Donnerstag, 15. Dezember 2011

some more christmas decoration

Today I put some more christmas decoration in our entry. I had seen wonderful ideas in my favorite magazine that made me want to put something on our banister. And here it is:

Two christmas baubles (I like the one that looks as if I had dipped it in sugar), a little pink and red ribbon (the pink one says "Merry Christmas" on it), some fir-sprigs and three straw ornaments. I am glad I did it, the entry really looks a little festive now.

On the stairs there is our angel which you can see better in this post
I got the white lantern at Ikea a while ago. As we haven't found "the" piece of furniture that goes there in this little niche, we stacked two wine crates there until we find something that we want to put there.

Furthermore, I put a little decoration on the door. I sewed this a few years ago, three stars and a gingerbread man that I put on a string. We did not even live in this house then, but look how wonderfully it fits on that door!

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