Mittwoch, 14. Dezember 2011

well-organized kitchen

Well, I wish our kitchen were so well-organized, but it isn't (yet). Anyway, one mini-project can sometimes improve the situation a lot: Our spice jars used to be bunged into one part of the drawer which you can see in that picture... (I forgot to take a before-picture AGAIN.) When we cooked, we had to  rummage in that drawer for the right jar. Also, the different kitchen papers were in a small shelf on top of the fridge, where it was also difficult to find the one that you were looking for.

The solution: a spice rack that uses the space inside one of the hanging cabinets... we tried to affix it to the inside of the cabinet door with double-faced adhesive tape, but it was not strong enough - we underestimated the weight of the spice jars! After a few days it came off, and we decided to screw it on the inside of the door. Even though we used very short screws so we did not break through the door, it has maintained perfectly. 

Now the spices are on the inside of the cabinet door, within easy reach and close to other dry food, like rice, flour, sugar... I keep those in my Tupperware (c) Spacemakers which are stackable and make perfect use of the space that is there. I will also try and get matching spice jars.

It's a pity you can't see the  supercute polka dot drawer paper I put in here.

Then I used the drawer space - after putting nice berry-colored polka dot drawer paper in it - and put the different papers in it: baking paper, plastic wrap, ziploc bags, aluminum foil ... It is very nice that we don't have to dig for it in the other cupboard anymore. Yes, that is my little kitchen project.

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