Dienstag, 10. April 2012

Kitchen organizing (cookbooks placement)

A little change, but it means a lot for our kitchen. Now in the easter holidays I have had a little time for some cleaning/tidying and one spot in our kitchen that I had meant to improve was that nasty space up on the kitchen cupboard. Maybe we shouldn't have chosen a medium-rise cupboard in the first place (I wouldn't recommend it, but this was the first time we got to frame a kitchen and we were a little bit naive) , but when we bought the kitchen we envisioned it with some pretty flowers (blue-eyed, as I said) ... not taking into consideration that it's really a dark spot up there and that you can never have enough hidden storage space ... now the spot ended up with a lot of clutter and everything that took up counter space seemed to be put up there, like cat food, all our cookbooks and all kinds of things that we wanted to put "away". I am sorry I did not take before pictures, but it was really chaotic, believe me, and I am sure everyone has (at least) one or two spots like that in their own house (well, I have to admit we have some more) - so think of your personal tender spots in your home: This was one of ours. 

All I did was put many things away, some of them went behind doors (cat food), some into the garage because they were really not needed in the kitchen...), some I dumped. 

I used the opportunity to put away some of the books we were really never using. Then I put the remaining books in an old wine crate my neighbor had given me last year because she did not have any use for it anymore. 

Then a flower actually went up there (let's see how she does) and then I have this book holder (? how do you call this thing? I don't even know the correct German name for that ...) and I put a cupcake baking book on it - for now. I don't like the recipes in this book, bit it has nice pictures. ;) Everytime I make one of the recipes it either doesn't work or it looks nice but tastes disgusting... So this book will have to leave also! I will sell it with some of the others. (I will have to scrape some money together in the near future for something my husband and I have dreamed of buying for a long time, but more on that in a little while.)

I think that this place will not stay like that forever, but for now it's way better than before. Stay tuned, I saw another beautiful kitchen idea on another blog that I might put into practice here as well, maybe very soon!!!

Have I mentioned our microwave gave up its ghost today? Silly thing.


  1. Sehr schöne Idee mit der Weinkiste! Das Problem mit der Unterbringung meiner Unmengen von Kochbüchern habe ich auch ... . Ich hätte da eine Idee für Deine "dunkle Ecke" über den Midi-Schränken. Man könnte eine kleine LED-Leisteganz hinten hinlegen, so daß das Licht nach oben scheint. Diese Leisten gibt es auch Batteriebetrieben (Batterien halten relativ lange, da LED so wenig verbraucht). Man hat dann eine schöne indirekte Beleuchtung, nur unbedingt darauf achten, Warmlicht-LED zu nehmen.

    Liebe Grüße,


  2. Great Idea! The book holder thing I *think* is also called a "book stand" but book holder is also a proper term.

    I love the looking at my cookbooks, but I hardly ever cook out of them anymore. The internet is full of such great recipes!


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