Dienstag, 22. November 2011

New wardrobe, more storage!!!

I have already mentioned that our daughter (who turned 6 in October) still had her baby wardrobe in her room and it was terrible because it was so small and the space in it was just "wrong" for her "big girl clothes". Well, this time I can report that we fixed that problem. I have to mention that I've had an eye on an Ikea Pax for a while - I love that system (we have it in the master bedroom closet as well) because it's just so versatile. I wanted this one: 

Ikea Pax with sliding doors, (2 m x 2,36 m x 60 cm) 
{Source US}{Quelle deutsch}

And the good news is, we GOT this one - and the even better news is I got it reasonably priced as I bought it on Ebay from somebody who moved and couldn't take it along because of its measurements and it is in a good condition and we are so happy!!! We had to rent a van to pick it up, but the next good thing is that our neighbor works in a car rental and so we had to pay a very reasonable price for the van, too. Yeah!

This is her baby wardrobe that she 's had since she was born:
I would never again buy such a piece of furniture, because when I think of it, it wasn't very useful at any time ...

This is the right part (1m) of the new wardrobe. There is another shelf above the part that you can see here, but there is nothing on it yet. I will probably use it for things like blankets and bed linen, things that we don't need every day.
The wardrobe came with six shelves and two clothes rails. I am thinking about getting one or two drawers and some more boxes or containers for the "little things" (like belts, bandanas, scrunchies...). Another advantage is that my daughter can reach all things by herself now and she loves chosing her clothes for the day.

After this picture was taken, I put the clothes rail down a bit so she can now reach it without the hook. The space above the shelf under it was too high anyway ... 

5th December 2011

In the meantime we added these stickers to the wardrobe. The color (it's dark purple) matches the accent wall wallpaper perfectly, which you cannot see in this picture... I had the sticker customized because "Charlize" is not a very common name here. I'm not a huge fan of the fairy, but my daughter is very fond of it. I like the stars though.


  1. Oh toll! Wir bräuchten auch dringend eine Runde neue Schränke, am Besten in ALLEN Schlafzimmern! :o)

    Liebste Grüsse,

  2. Haha, ja genau aus diesem Grund habe ich das auch gebloggt, vielleicht erbarmt sich ja jemand :D
    Und so eine Liste mit unspaßigeren Musthaves habe ich auch noch, aber da steht bloß so Zeugs wie Gardinenstangen und Badreiniger :/

    Du, der Kleiderschrank ist ja traumhaft! Die Kleine wird dir endlos dankbar sein, in dem Alter schon so einen tollen Schrank zu haben. Den würde ich auch nehmen :)

  3. Den Schrank Pax von Ikea bekomme ich auch Ende des Jahres! Ich freu mich schon:)


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